Classy Deer
Quirky Teenage girl from England/ Essex,
making you smile when you feel low :)
reality escapist & daytime dreamer, probably a hipster
Coffee and netflix are my fuel for most days.

looking for cartoons, humour,anything unusual.
Anything that inspires the free spirited Georgian deers (lol deal with it)


just to make you aware that i have changed my URL from Xstaticgurl to this new one for no other reason than my own boredom!
So dont be confused it is still the same old person underneath the nameĀ 

And what do these pictures have to do with what i have to say?

Erm well…

Also who else is obsessed with that song called sonnentanz? i just cant stop dancing to it haha.

sun dont shine sunshine changed url coffee attention girls black and white fashion freedom weirdo